‘Teen Mom’ star says kids are ‘very scared’ of son born with one arm

“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” star Brianna Jaramillo admitted that children are “very scared” of her 4-year-old son Braeson, who was born with one arm.

“There’s been one kid that is very scared of him, because of his arm and he’ll start screaming and run away,” Jaramillo, 22, tells her mom in an exclusive clip obtained by Page Six.

“Teen Mom: Young & Pregnant” star Brianna Jaramillo struggles with kids who bully her son.

The clip then cuts to a sweet scene between Jaramillo and Braeson.

“Can you say, I was born like this?'” Jaramillo asks Braeson while he’s playing on her phone.

Jaramillo encourages her son to say positive thoughts about his disability.

“I was born like this,” Braeson quietly responds.

Jaramillo, who has been on the MTV show since Season 1 in 2018, initially struggled with blame and guilt for her son’s disability.

Jaramillo previously explained she doesn’t know why her son was born with the disability.

“It made no sense to me. Like, why would this happen? But it happened. I feel like it was my fault,” she said during Season 1. “But even just knowing why it happened would kind of be peace of mind.”

The reality star previously explained that Braeson’s disability was a result of amniotic band syndrome, or constricted growth, while he was in utero.

The trailer didn’t reveal whose child gets “scared” of Braeson.

It’s unclear which child is “scared” of Braeson, since this season marks the first time all five women – Kayla Sessler, Rachel Beaver, Kiaya Elliott, Madisen Beith and Jaramillo – have come together.

Elliott will deal with the reality of having her son’s father X’zayveon Gambrell released from prison after spending four years behind bars and helping him prioritize their child instead of being a “street boy,”

Similarly, Beaver is balancing her daughter’s dad also returning home from prison with her then-boyfriend Noah – whom her family thinks she only likes for financial reasons.

All five women will come together on various group getaways on the new season.

Beith, meanwhile, tells her family that while she’s not planning on having another child, it looks like her “pull-out method” didn’t work as she screams her boyfriend Christian’s name and tells him she’s pregnant.

Sessler appears to have many ups-and-downs with her on-again, off-again boyfriend Luke Davis. In one scene, Sessler and Davis’ family get into a heated argument that results in one of his family member’s lunging towards her. Things appear to get better as trailer ends with Davis proposing to her, although it’s unclear if she said yes.

“Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant” returns tonight, June 28 at 9 p.m. ET on MTV.