Jackie Goldschneider reacts to ‘RHONJ’ demotion rumors

Jackie Goldschneider confirms her future as one of the stars on “Real Housewives of New Jersey” is uncertain, but remains grateful she shined a light on eating disorders on the show.

“I don’t know that my role is diminished, but if it is, you have to believe that the universe put you in that position to raise awareness about something, and then put you on a path to continue raising awareness,” the reality star, 45, exclusively told Page Six at Maimonides Health’s third annual Battle for Brooklyn charity softball game on Wednesday.

“No matter what, I show up. I’m filming all the time no matter what you want to call me, so whatever Bravo decides to call me, I’m here and doing the same thing, so it makes no difference to me.”

Goldschneider was on the field at Maimonides Park wearing the “Housewives” team’s red uniform and playing alongside her fellow reality stars. She was also spotted filming with her co-stars as the Bravo cameras were on-site for the breast cancer awareness event.

In May, “RHONJ” star Dolores Catania’s ex-husband, Frank Catania, spilled the beans that Goldschneider may not be returning for Season 13 as a full-time cast member.

Jackie Goldschneider confirmed to Page Six that she may not return as a full-time “Housewife” on Season 13 “RHONJ,” but is still filming for the show.
Charles Sykes/Bravo

“I thought she had a great season. Not only did she come out with her respective eating disorder, which I know wasn’t easy for her … [but] look at Jackie evolving over time,” the former attorney said on “The Morning Toast” at the time.

Goldschneider told Page Six she is not upset with Frank for sharing the news.

“There’s nothing that Frank could do that could make me not love Frank,” the former freelance journalist said. “Frank is just so lovable.”

She added, “I will say that Bravo makes those decisions and Bravo has not made any decisions yet.” The network has not made an official announcement yet and declined Page Six’s request for comment.

However, with her role on the show up in the air, Goldschneider is already looking for other ways to continue to share her story with the world.

“I’m writing my first book now, I’m very close to my book deal,” the mom of four exclusively told Page Six.

“My agent has my proposal and I’m pitching a podcast actively, so there’s a million different roads, but no matter what happens on the show, I plan to be on the show for a long time … I’m so happy that it happened so that I can continue raising awareness for eating disorders no matter what happens on the show.”

Goldschneider joined the “RHONJ” cast in 2018 for Season 9.
Astrid Stawiarz/Bravo

On Season 12 of “RHONJ,” Goldschneider revealed that she was still struggling with anorexia and her struggles were not in the past as previously presented.

At the softball game, the former real estate attorney told Page Six that her recovery is “going well,” but admitted it’s “not as easy as I thought it was” going to be.

“I thought I would just start eating more and everything would come together but there’s been a lot of hurdles for me, so I’m definitely, like, well on my way, a thousand times better than I was last year, but I do have issues,” she said.

Goldschneider shared that one of her obstacles is the fact she doesn’t “always like what I see in the mirror.”

“None of my clothes fit me anymore,” she said. “You know, that’s a lot for me. That’s been really hard for me –  is not feeling good about myself and I have to take a step back and realize what I’m doing for my health and how much more important that is, but I’ve come a long way and I’ve got a long way to go.”

Jackie, seen here with her husband Evan Goldschneider at the Maimonides charity softball game, said he has been a “gift” amid her struggles.

Her husband, Evan Goldschneider, was a big support system for the “RHONJ” star as she spoke out openly for the first time about her issues and he continues to be “a gift,” Jackie said.”

“He is, like, the most supportive husband ever,” the Bravolebrity said. “Sometimes I’ll be talking to him about things, and I’ll say, ‘Sorry I’m putting all of this on you now,’ because for 18 years, I didn’t put any of this on him.”

She concluded, “I wouldn’t talk to him about anything having to do with weight or body image, and now, it’s like, he always says to me, it never bothers me, I’m so happy to be here for you. He’s just the best.”